When is it time to restring your racquet?

  • Are your strings fraying or notching? (click photo)

  • Is your arm hurting more than usual?

  • Do you play 2x/week or more?

  • Are your strings more than 6 months old?

  • Are you losing power or control with your strokes?

  • Is it hard to recall when your racquet was last restrung?

  • Did you purchase a new racquet but never restrung it?

  • Has your racquet sat in a closet for months?

  • Do your strings just feel "dead?"

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it may be time to restring.

Lee Atwater racket stringing
Lee Atwater tennis

General String Facts:

  • Thinner strings (higher gauge number) generate more power and spin but are less durable and have more tension loss. I recommend string gauges of 16, 16L or 17.

  • As a general rule, string your racquet as many times each year as you play in a week.

  • The longer vertical strings (mains) are often the first to break due to rubbing against the cross strings (string movement eventually causes fraying and notching). The mains make up about 80% of the racquet playability.

  • "Dead” strings lose tension resulting in any number of things such as loss of power, control and elasticity. They may feel stiffer, hurt your arm more and lose their pop.

  • String durability depends on string gauge and string type, among other variables.  The most durable is Kevlar (extremely stiff), followed by polyester (also quite stiff), then a synthetic gut (nylon).  Co-poly strings (a poly with other additives) are very popular.  Depending on the additives, they are often softer and more durable than pure poly. A hybrid of co-poly for the mains and synthetic gut for the crosses provides a great combination of durability,  softness, spin and control. Of course there are many combinations you can create.

  • Generally speaking, true gut strings are not for most recreational players because they are costly, subject to  weather damage (humidity and rain) and not as durable as polyester, however they are comfortable strings with good power and feel and maintain tension very well.