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Racquet Stringing Service

Labor cost for stringing your racquet is $20, so if you have your own string(s) that's your cost.  For an additional cost I can replace grips and/or add over grip and perform routine racquet maintenance. Below are some prices for various string selections that I generally keep in stock and the cost for each (by no means is this list exhaustive).  I try to keep some of the more popular strings on hand like Babolat RPM Blast, Technifibre NRG, Solinco Hyper-G, Luxilon ALU Power, Gamma Synthetic, etc. but it's impossible to have them all!  As a YTEX Ambassador I recommend their strings as excellent substitutes for your favorite strings. The prices below reflect the labor cost ($20) plus the cost of the string.

  • Ashaway Dynamite Tough - Zyex® construction with a nice blend of power and spin and a clean feel from the stringbed. $35

  • Babolat RPM Blast  - A responsive co-poly for heavy spin and great control.  $40 (or try YTEX Square-X Sharp)

  • Gamma Synthetic Gut with Wearguard - A durable solid core nylon synthetic string.  Perfect for beginning to intermediate players. This string is an excellent cost savings choice for hybrid setups. $25 (or try YTEX Sintex)

  • Gosen Polylon - A good, reliable, economy polyester string firm and without a bunch of additives. Good choice for hybrid setup. $30

  • Head Velocity MLT - Great value in a comfortable multifilament with phenomenal all-around playability and a low-friction coating for extra durability. $30

  • Head Hawk Touch - A co-poly that offers great control on full swings and is comfortably firm and spin friendly. Recommended for intermediate and advanced players. $35 (or try YTEX Quadro Twist)

  • Luxilon ALU Power - One of the most iconic co-polys of all time good for players looking for spin, precision and durability or the ultimate hybrid partner. $40 (or try YTEX Triangle Twisted)

  • Solinco Hyper-G - a poly monofilament with great spin potential and precision. I also recommend Solinco Tour Bite. $35

  • Solinco Vanquish - Arm friendly! A high-end multifilament that offers great control. $35

  • Solinco Pro Stacked – An enhanced, high performance synthetic gut string offering unbeatable all-around playability with added feel and durability. This string is also an excellent cost savings choice for hybrid setups. $25 (or try YTEX Sintex)

  • Technifibre NRG - Arm friendly! One of the most popular multifilament strings with great feel, comfort and power. $40

  • Wilson NXT Comfort - Arm friendly! Wilson's best-selling multifilament that has the characteristics of natural gut.  $40 (or try YTEX Microfiber-X)

  • Wilson Sensation - Arm friendly! A great value multifilament string that offers excellent feel for the ball. Softer and more durable than synthetic gut. $30 (or try YTEX Touch)

  • YTEX ProtourA soft co-poly that holds tension very well - offers a soft yet powerful feel, while maintaining control with a nice pop sensation when it hits the ball. Because of the round shape its ideal to use as a hybrid set up or full bed. $30

  • YTEX Square-X Sharp - Features effortless power, incredible feel, control, and wicked spin. Obviously, with its sharp edges and being a thin 18g, it’s not your most durable co-poly. $30

Lee Atwater tennis racquet stringing

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Lee Atwater tennis

You can also choose a hybrid string combination, often stringing the mains with a co-poly and the crosses with a synthetic gut (nylon),  The cost for hybrid stringing with an economy co-poly and a synthetic gut is just $30. Other combinations such as YTEX Protour and Solinco Pro Stacked or Solinco Tour Bite and Gamma Synthetic is $35. There are many string variations and combinations.  The price will vary depending on your selections.

The above is just a short list of what I may have available.  There are hundreds of strings to choose from and I’d be happy to place special orders. I can meet you to get your racquet or you can drop off to me or leave your racquet at the Carolina Beach Recreation Center. 


You may find this string comparison chart from YTEX helpful. Also check out Tennis Warehouse Compare Strings Tool.

I accept Venmo (@Lee-Atwater), Zelle, ApplePay, Google Pay, cash or personal check.     

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