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Lee Atwater Tennis

Regularly scheduled private and group lessons are good to go for 2023. Please contact me to arrange your lesson or clinic today! 

Watch for new Carolina Beach classes spring 2023 via the CB Recreation Center.


Weekly group lessons for adult players - Friday mornings at Ashley HS (intermediate 3.0 - 4.0).  Emails are sent every Wednesday to distribution list.

Weekly group lessons for adult players - Thursday evenings at Ashley HS (advanced beginner 2.5).  This class is currently on hold - stay tuned!


Ashley HS boys varsity players start conditioning Jan. 25, tryouts and practice starts Feb. 13, first match March 1. Players please watch for emails.

Freddy R. from Raleigh, NC
Sunny R. from Raleigh, NC

I'm really proud of these two kids, Freddy and Sunny who work super hard at their games.  I've had the honor of working with them on occasion and have seen them improve tremendously.  They played July 30th at the USTA CCL Summer Classic at Landfall and both knocked it out of the park!   

Try Tennis

Try Tennis, Try Play, Try Match through the Greater Wilmington Tennis Assc.

Adult Tennis Group

Friday morning adult 3.0 - 4.0 group.

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